Thursday, July 09, 2009

Catholic Controversy

If nothing else the mini-scandal on whether or not Prime Minister Harper consumed the Eucharist is giving the Catholic Church and its rituals lots of publicity.

Anyway, my friend Paul Tuns, who is a far better Catholic than I will ever be, weighs in on this issue.

Writes Tuns: "The real scandal ... is the Catholic Church's. My problem is not so much what Harper did or may have done once he was given the Eucharist but rather that he was given the Eucharist. While I am not happy that the Prime Minister or his staff was unaware of the rules of the Catholic Church, I am critical of the fact the bishop provided him the Host in the first place."

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caz said...

I'm a catholic and this BS has got to stop! I AM NOT OFFENDED and those who are critisizing PMSH for accepting the host need to get a life. To those who believe the wafer to be the body and blood of is the holiest of sacraments. For those who don''s a wafer...period. The MSM will stop at nothing to pulvarize this man.

Frances said...

The rules of the road re non-RC's taking communion vary with diocese and priest. I remember reading a pastoral pamphlet from the local bishop addressing just this issue when there are inter-faith marriages; as I remember, it was possible for the non-Catholic spouse to take Communion but not encouraged. Similarly, at funerals where there are a large number of non-Catholic family members (a convert has died), a dispensation may be granted for all to take Communion.