Thursday, July 30, 2009

Comrade Miller strikes

After six weeks of mounting garbage, union-boss bullying and cancelled events, Toronto Mayor David Miller caved in and gave striking city workers just about everything they wanted.

And make no mistake, Commissar Miller folded like a cheap tent. The union wanted a pay raise; they got it. The union wanted to keep a benefit plan which awarded workers 18 sick days a year (they could also accumulate these “sick days” for a payout when they retire) he let them keep it, though it will be gradually phased out.

It seems there is no recession in Toronto Public Workers Land.

Mind you, no one should be surprised by Miller’s surrender. After all, he has always cared more about appeasing unions than representing the interests of Toronto taxpayers. It’s like Howard Levitt wrote in the National Post, “expecting Mayor David Miller to deal effectively with the unions was always the equivalent of expecting a fox to responsibly administer a henhouse.”

A union victory, in other words, was preordained. That's why it actually would have better had Miller sold out taxpayers at the beginning of the bargaining process as this would have at least spared the city the anguish and inconvenience of the strike.

And of course, it’s taxpayers who will end up paying for this sweet deal. So hang onto your wallets Torontonians, Miller’s socialist revolution is only getting started.


Anonymous said...

That's a perfect example of how it would be if the NDP were government and reminds me of what happened in Britain years ago - general strike that crippled the country.

I live in rural Ontario and we have a "private" waste management company picking up our garbage - it's working out really well. No strikes, no problems, the workers are pleasant and don't bitch.

Toronto has 3 years until the next contract - they would be wise to consider it.


Tony said...

18 sick days a year. What a joke! Of course we have to pay for this. I am self employed. I have not had 18 sick days in my life. I would like to cash them in. Can the City please send me a cheque representing 375 days pay? If this sounds ridiculous why is it not ridiculous for public workers?

Anonymous said...

I want to know how the SCOC gave Miller the power to Suspend the Charter Of Rights for all the victims of the Union thugs that spit on and verbally abused females,seniors,gays,Minorities,refugees along with slashing car tires and making verbal threats to the Taxpayers that pay their wages??????

Amnesty for CUPE within the 416 Zone, is Miller trying to Separate from the ROC and start his won Dictatorship in Cuba-North ?

Miller allow Babies and females to used a Human Shields by a Pro-Terrorist group of thugs that stormed a major Highway to Occupy canadian land and prevent Citizens access to the major Hospitals , Miller also allowed naked males to flaunt their sex organs to little boys on Yonge Street underthe guise of sexual Pride....this while the Police Chief condoned it by his deafening silence to condemn it.

I feel sorry for Miller's Mother and or Sisters because if they were the victims of the CUPE Misogyny assaults by the thugs at the depots, Miller would tell them to "Take The pain" and be understanding of the male-Violence that was prevoked by what the Taxpayers did to cause them to be violent.

This won't go over too well a Women's shelters where Miller tells the beaten spouses to return to the noral life and accept a Amnesty for the abusive Husband , you must have done something to provoke your Husband into beating you so stop whining about it and lets go forward in life.

This from a Guy who went to Harvard???
His Mother should demand that harvard give back the money she spent to educate little Davey.