Friday, July 24, 2009

Bloc-ing the Liberals

CFRB talk show host John Moore has an interesting column in the National Post today suggesting the Conservative Party is essentially implementing a "scorched earth" policy in Quebec.

That is the Tories, who are done like in dinner in Quebec, are deliberating making moves designed to drive voters into the Bloc Quebecois camp, as this will block any Liberal resurgence in the province.

If that's indeed what the Conservatives are doing, than it's a good strategy, a strategy which would ensure the Conservatives maintain a minority government.

In fact, I suggested they do something similar nearly four years ago.


Anonymous said...

So the Conservatives are helping separatists?

A BCer in Toronto said...

Gee Gerry, it's almost like you're advocating a Conservative coalition with the separatists to keep Harper in power.

Never mind principle, or national unity. I guess the ends justify the means though, right? Anything for power...

Funny thing is, that's also how the Conservatives have justified their high-spending ways, even before the deficit, and other abandonment of their so-called Conservative principles. It was all about growing the tent, compromising principle for power.

I recall some conservatives were rather upset with such compromises. I recall one of them was named Gerry Nicholls...

Anonymous said...

Hey, BCer, when the Liberals get any principles besides the relentless lust for power, then you can start lecturing others.

Anonymous said...

Gerry, your own post that you reference from 2005 said the Conservatives shouldn't attack the Bloc because "the Conservatives will never swing enough votes to win a seat." They won 10 and they held onto those 10 in the last election.

Latest EKOS poll has the Bloc slipping to 32% in Quebec.

Robert McClelland said...

If that's indeed what the Conservatives are doing

It isn't though. The example Moore cites is simply the way the Harpercons act.

NorthWestTory said...

hey Gerry, The whole idea is for the tories to get a majority. and they are on course to do just that. Don't talk about a permanent minority government.
Read my column, which happens to be the one right on top of yours.

kursk said...

Hmm..a choice between traitors or leftists who will steal you blind..what to choose, what to choose..

Again, truly laughable hearing liberals lecture anyone on 'principle' and the lust for power.

Where were these voices when John Chretien called unneeded elections to strike while the iron was hot with rookie Conservative leaders? Or while ahead in didn't seem to mind when your lust for power gave you two majorities.

Instead of supposition, let's talk about the real separatist coalition that the Liberals entered into with the NDP and Bloc.The one that your unelected leader signed his name to.

I wish you had campaigned with that group, on any issue. You would have suffered an even bigger loss than your historically awful showing last time out.

Leftists or traitors...

AToryNoMore said...

You give the conservatives too much credit.

They just ain't that smart.

If they were, they never would have put themselves into the mess they are in in Quebec.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long we post readers will have to endure moore's column in the paper. He is a juvenile, global warming liberal party zealot whose main argument is to call people who don't agree with his tiresome rants..."stupid"

AToryNoMore said...

I don't think Moore is a liberal party zealot. He is open minded and is not bound to ideology. In my mind that is very very good. He's a bright guy!

Iain G. Foulds said...

... ATory: To be "open-minded" and not bound to any party ideology is the definition of a Liberal party supporter.
... People that believe in everything, and therefore nothing.

Gordie_Canuk said...

Liberal lust for power, Conservative lust for in the same thing really. When the Liberals are caught lying or engaging in unprincipled behaviour the Cons gasp moan and scream....When the Cons do it, Liberals point and yell.

With the Conservatives so many years in the wilderness, screaming about the need for principle and accountablity:

-no more stacking the senate
-fixed election dates
-leaving income trusts alone

Now that they've finally been in power for a few years, they're looking like hypocrites.

Yeah we know the Liberals are unprincipled, or at least they were under Chretien/Martin...and the Harper Tories are no better.

If you hated Liberal lies and arrogance, you should hate it as much (or more) if you're a Conservative and its YOUR OWN PARTY.