Thursday, July 16, 2009

My China syndrome

The Sing Tao Daily, a Chinese language newspaper recently wrote a story on me, which you can read here -- if you can read Chinese.

I can't, but luckily the story also includes some English words such as "hard core conservative ideologue."

That's how I know it's about me.


Skinny Dipper said...

Google Translation:

尼可斯-Nichols (Spelling is different.)

斯-Sri Lanka

If you want to create your own Chinese name, go to

Jan said...

Translated by Babelfish:

(newspaper reporter) by Du the Lu multi-times, is specially recent a Liberal Party to be in power continuously for 13 years, makes the liberalism ideological trend to attain the widespread dissemination in the Canada society. Comes on stage after the minority government's conservative party must face the huge pressure which from this frequently brings. But on the other hand, also one group of firm conservative person to Premier Harper had not insisted that consistent “the conservatism” the idea feels disappointed. “the entire Canadian citizen alliance” (National Citizens Coalition, before being called NCC), the high-level administrative personnel, media current event commentator Nix (Gerry Nicholls) "to be loyal to the belief in its publication first books: Harper, I and NCC" (Loyal to the Core: Stephen Harper, Me and the NCC), by a firm conservatism votary and Premier Harper the former colleague's identity, has discussed Harper around being in power the thought tendency vicissitude, as well as conservatism movement in a Canada dozens of year development and future trend. Works together as colleagues 5 year Nix with Harper and Harper works together as colleagues for 5 years in NCC, has the opportunity to take the colleague and the upper and lower layer with him works together. In his new book, Nix by the frank way, has appraised average person's Harper who he at that time knew, as well as today for Canadian Premier's Harper, traces this expensively now the Canada most important political figure, how by one “the firm belief conservatism's ideal person” (hardcore conservative ideologue), to transform into one “the partisan spirit strong pragmatism politician” (partisan, pragmatic politician). He simultaneously also narrated himself in the book before a Harper the friend, the ally, transforms into today premier to be most intense, the most heartless criticism mental journey. Nix believed that depending on the promoted propaganda true conservatism idea, the conservative party may obtain the Canadian society and voter's support equally. But Harper has chosen the quite easy line of compromise route. But insisted principle the conservatism public figure, should resist the election, the party politics these factor invasion, concentrates in a more important matter: Wins struggle of the idea final victory.

Anonymous said...

Google Translate:

From the allies to the most fierce critics Nichols Harper in power before and after assessment

(Reporter) from dourou more times, especially the Liberal Party for the last 13 years in power, so that liberal social trend in Canada has been widely disseminated. As a minority government after the Conservative Party came to power and thus often have to face enormous pressure. On the other hand, there are a number of strong conservative Prime Minister Harper did not insist on the usual "conservative" ideas are disappointed. (National Citizens Coalition, NCC)(Gerry Nicholls)(Loyal to the Core: Stephen Harper, Me and the NCC) "All Canadian Citizens Coalition" (National Citizens Coalition, referred to as NCC) before the high-level executives, media commentators Nichols (Gerry Nicholls) in his first published book, "loyal to the faith: Harper, I and the NCC" (Loyal to the Core: Stephen Harper, Me and the NCC), with a firm belief in the conservative and former colleague of Prime Minister Harper as Harper discussed the tendency of the ruling before and after the change of thinking, as well as the conservative movement in Canada a few decades of development and future direction. 5 years working with Harper and Harper Nichols NCC worked 5 years in time, have a chance with him as a senior and junior colleagues and to work together. (hardcore conservative ideologue),(partisan, pragmatic politician)。 In his new book, the Nichols straightforward way to evaluate his understanding of ordinary people at the time of Harper, as well as expensive today as Prime Minister Harper of Canada, tracking the Canada of today's most important political figures, how by a "firm belief in neo-conservative idealists" (hardcore conservative ideologue), transformed into a "highly partisan politicians pragmatism" (partisan, pragmatic politician). In his book, he also described his former Harper by a friend, ally, Prime Minister today into the most intense, the most ruthless mentality of the critics. Nichols firmly believe that by conservatives to promote the concept of the real, the Conservative Party of Canada can support the community and voters. Harper has chosen the relatively easy route of compromise. However, those who adhere to the principles of conservatism, it should be a boycott of the elections, political parties and political harassment of these factors, focus on more important things: the concept of struggle to win the final victory.