Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Media Alert

I will be a guest on the Michael Coren Show, tonight at 8:00 PM EST, as part of a panel discussing federal political issues.


Anonymous said...

Quite a little catch 22 media business you have going there Gerry.
Yesterday - trash the Conservatives and PM Harper

Today - get invited on a media talk show about "political policy" pretending to be the "conservative " voice when you have never been a Harper conservative. But, of course, the media would not invite a real conservative who , gasp, supported Harper. You are the wolf in sheep's clothing for them

Gee - let's see - how many nicely paid high profile media interviews would you ever get if you were supportive of Harper?

Cue LibLogs - Gerry speaks again.

Gerry Nicholls said...

Actually we don't talk about Conservative policy, but we do talk about some of the dopey mistakes the Tories made last week.

And it's any consolation I do slam Jean Chretien.

I am an equal opportunity basher.

Anonymous said...

Here we go with the "anonymous "Harperites" crying again.

"Boo Hooo Gerry.....you're going to criticise our master again. You must be a mean old Liberal"

What a joke.

Give em Hell Gerry.


Anonymous said...

You do slam Jean Chretien? And, let me ask, what credentials do you have to "slam" any elected offical?

No more than any one of us 33 million Canadians. What's YOUR ticket to having your slamming of our national leader's of any stripes being at all credible and why should anyone care what you think?

You are not in a decision making position and never have been.

Until you have walked a few miles in an elected offical's shoes you are just another media hound trying to make a name for yourself to sell books IMHO.