Saturday, July 04, 2009

Star gets it wrong

A couple of days ago, James Travers of the Toronto Star wrote a column suggesting the Ontario Progressive Conservatives had erred in selecting a conservative like Tim Hudak to lead them.

The Tories were looking backward said Travers.

I wrote a letter to the editor to set the record straight. It was published today:

"Star columnist Jim Travers has got it all wrong.

Leftists, not conservatives, are the ones nostalgic for the past.

It's leftists who are eagerly embracing and promoting the failed socialist policies of the 1960s and '70s – bigger government, massive deficits and industrial planning.

Clearly, they have forgotten how such policies led to only thing: economic stagnation.

That's why we need conservative leaders who will stick by their principles.

Somebody has to be there to pick up the pieces."


DavidK said...

Bravo Gerry!

Anonymous said...

Excellent letter Jerry.

Mr. Travers in my opinion is one of the most biased journalists in the country, masquerading as a 'balanced political commentator' when he is far from having any balance. A real Liberal shill, such a "traversty".


Anonymous said...

Utter BS there guy.....

bogged down said...

Be nice if we Hudak would chime in on the Green Energy Act and the future of nuclear in this province.