Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fiscal conservatives MIA

Kevin Gaudet of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation has a great column in the National Post today, asking the key question: Where did all the fiscal conservatives go?

I am not sure where they are, but I sure hope they return soon.

Canada needs them!


Anonymous said...

They're here and they'll be voting Iggy. If for no other reason than to rid the country of the Harper Party.

Anonymous said...

Voting for Iggy wont help since hes an american republican at heart.

phil said...

The only problem is Gaudet and his bunch are in favour of cradle to grave ag subsidies and as such cannot claim to be fiscal conservatives themselves.
They don't mind pork when their friends and supporters are on the receiving end.
Message-100%, Credibility-Zero.

Anonymous said...

The budget is still fiscally conservative within the context of a minority government amidst a global economic slow down.

Most of the people complaining about the deficit haven't even read the budget or likely any other budgets for that matter.

Our countries finances will be fine.
We won't be slaves to our national debt.

What you all should be worried about is Ontario's budget and the over spending that has been going on even in the good times prior to all this.

Ontario used to be around %40 of Canada's economy. Any one been bothering to pay much attention there over the years?
While the Liberals their have had majority governments?

Of course not, because all the lime light is directed federally, and thus, of course, all problems are blamed on the feds by those who don't comprehend or haven't the time to see what the other levels of government are doing.

You want the Feds to lower taxes while cutting unnecessary spending? give them a majority or at least replace the opposition parties with that wont howl at cuts to spending and taxes.

Don't think there is party outside of the Conservative big tent that would do so.

The "Libertarian" party is fringe* if not a sham(y)left leaning front group.

*"Abolishing the Bank of Canada"?

Taking this from their website:

"We oppose any government involvement in the monetary and banking system. We propose elimination of the Bank of Canada and the termination of government power to issue or regulate currency or credit.

We support the continued freedom of any individual or group to own gold or any other commodity of exchange, as well as the right to produce coinage and issue currency.

Hahahaha... how naive.

I suppose someone with a large bottle cap collection might find that a cheery idea.

I guess the various organized crime syndicates will be happy to know their counterfeit bills are no longer illegal.

Jokes aside, they're still too nutty an option but alas, still a mild improvement over the current federal opposition parties.

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