Monday, July 13, 2009

Order of What?

The following people have been awarded the Order of Merit:

Albert Schweitzer, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and Jean Chretien.

It reminds me of that old Sesame Street game: Which one of these things just doesn't belong.


NorthWestTory said...

What did he do to deserve this.

Anonymous said...

a court order maybe, no?
cheers bubba

A BCer in Toronto said...

To quote a song by The Gin Blossoms:

"Hey jealousy
Hey jealousy
Hey jealousy
Hey jealousy"

wilson said...

First thing I thought is this is the Monarchy's answer to Canadians wanting to turf out the Royal family....
second thing, how did Chretien go from:
''He spent much of his time and effort in office fighting Quebec separatists and the Parti Quebecois.''
only to surrender to the Bloc by forming the Coalition of Losers, just to seize power,
with Chretien and Broadbent at the negotiating table.

But, giving 40 years service to your country is contrast, Iffy is just visiting.

wuberman said...

I must be living in a alternate universe or something, did forty million dollars not go missing on his watch, is it still not accounted for? I would love to show this guy the respect he deserves for fourty years of service to Canada, but....

Anonymous said...

Chretien used to bail Liberal crooks out by appointing them to the Senate.

Now, it seems to me that Chretien got cold feet after Liberals did the number on Brian Mulroney. Since Conservatives were getting ready to charge Chretien criminally for his crooked deals he must have figured that the medal from the Queen might be the thing that will protect him from prosecution.

VW said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better, past recipients of the OM include:

Field Marshal Haig (i.e. the general that got so many Allied youth killed during WW1)

Alfred Russel Wallace, scientist and argumentative spiritualist

F.H. Bradley, obscure philosopher

The thing to remember about the OM is that it's given by the reigning monarch, not decided by a committee. Remember also that Chretien *did* have, by objective lights, a long and distinguished career (and "distinguished," remember, does not mean "scandal-free").

Anonymous said...

Others (Canadian) who received - Mackenzie King and Lester Pearson.

Oh, that green/blue eyed monster is rearing its ugly head again.

Anonymous said...

I love those silly quotes about "jealousy".

Yes I'm speaking to you "A Bcer in Toronto" and "Anonymous".

In your fragile minds anyone who questions Chretien's receipt of this Order of Merit is driven by blind jealousy.

Perhaps the song "A Bcer in Toronto" should be singing is "I'm a Fool" by Ricky Nelson.

Oh Snap.