Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A song for freedom

Shakedown, Ezra Levant's impassioned take on how Human Rights Commissions are underming our individual rights, has inspired lots of people.

And one such person is a young performer named Lindy Vopnfjord who wrote a song to honour Ezra and his battle.

Here is Lindy singing it at the recent Liberty Summer Seminar.


rob said...

That fellow at the end who voted against same sex marriage and was instrumental in denying George Galloway entry to the country to speak was just at your party as an observer, I presume? Surely he doesn't consider himself a libertarian.

Gerry Nicholls said...

Rob: The LSS isn't just for libertarians. Anybody interested in discussing and debating ideas is welcome.

rob said...

I didn't realize that. I thought he was just another one of these conservatives that seem to think that libertarian is a cool new word for conservative.

Were there many in attendance who would not self-identify as a libertarian?