Friday, March 02, 2007

Blizzard Blues

Well I am in Montreal right now and by the look of the massive winter storm raging outside my hotel window it looks like I might be here for a long time!

Just my luck, global warming decides to take a holiday on the very day I am visiting the city!

Anyway, was talking politics with some of the locals around here and one opinion making the rounds is that when all the election dust is settled on March 26th, Quebec might have something it has never had in its history: a minority government.

As if politics in this province weren't already wacky enough.

However, it's also a tradition in Quebec to elect back-to-back majority governments, so who knows.

All I care about right now is whether or not my plane is going to take off!

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Brian said...

I'm in Parry Sound right now and today was supposed to be my travel day. This happens everytime I come in the winter.

The funny thing is, it's worse at home. They had no power through the night, while I tucked in and watched The Godather 1 & 2. Looks like may be able to add 3 in sometime today After I shovel the 100 foot driveway on the hill.