Saturday, March 17, 2007

Me on CBC

I am scheduled to appear on the CBC Newsworld program Weekend Edition to talk about my recent oped column in the Globe and Mail.

That's the one where I take the Harper government to task for its recent massive spending binge.

They tell me my segment will be air sometime after Noon EST - so adjust your schedule accordingly.

Update: My appearance on Newsworld has been rescheduled to between 3:00 and 3:30 PM EST.

Update II: Now I am not sure if I will ever be on Newsworld -- I may have been bumped, which is real nice since I gave up a restful Sunday morning to be on the show!!!

Update III: OK time to relax. I was just on. Phew.

1 comment:

Ace said...

Gerry, put it in perspective, we haven't even seen the budget yet.

The Conservatives didn't promise to cut spending in the 2006 election - they said they simply would not spend as much as the Liberals(ie. 8% per year).

Your accusation of vote-buying is actually just Harper fulfilling his promises. I personally wish he had a scary hidden agenda - but that's too bad.