Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bad Liberal Spin

Liberal leader Stephane Dion needs a new spin doctor.

I say that because the Liberal Party spin on the Quebec election is really lame.

Essentially, Dion is denouncing the "intrusion" of Prime Minister Stephen Harper into the campaign, saying the way he linked additional limitations on federal spending powers to the results of the election was "blackmail."

This intervention, says Dion, tightened the race and distanced the Liberal Party from majority support.

Is anybody really going to buy this nonsense?

Seems to me, the majority of Canadians are pretty happy with an election result which relegates the separatists to third place.

And if Harper's "intrusion" helped to bring this about, so much the better.

Perhaps all this is incomprehensible to Dion and the Liberals who seem to think everyone is rooting for Liberal majorities.

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Miles Lunn said...

I doubt the intrusion made the difference between a majority and minority as there simply weren't enough close seats to cause that big a swing. Still I do strongly oppose Harper's plan to limit federal spending powers. I want to see federal spending cut and provincial spending too, but I don't think governments should be handcuffed. Rather it should be up to voters to decide whether they want governments spending in areas of provincial jurisdiction or not. We are after all a country and to me there are certain areas the government has a role to play and areas it doesn't. In the areas it doesn't it should get out completely, not download to a lower level. In the areas it does belong, I am all for intrusion in provincial jurisdiction as we are way too decentralized for a modern country.