Thursday, March 22, 2007

Who's Tory Now?

If the federal Conservatives keep acting like Liberals, the next thing you know they will be creating their own Sponsorship Program.

Oh wait a minute . . . it seems they are creating their own Sponsorship Program!!


Thanks to Janet Neilson for the tip.


Hoodwinked Everywhere said...

Just Imagine - How much better they'll do at this if they get the majority they want so badly?

John Tory "Ontario's next premier" now makes sense.

Never had I expected the overwhelming peace of mind achieved from two little words that ended my involvement in any party politics.

Seems you're getting closer to my way of thinking with each "Tory" post Gerry. Hope to meet in person some day.

Anonymous said...

I found that the delivery of the budget by Mr. Sorbara a kin to taking sleeping pills. It felt more like listening to a bedtime story than the reading of a budget. Maybe the idea was to put people to sleep so they wouldn't hear the double-speak?

It's a poor budget for many reasons. Mostly because it continues to dump more money into education ear-marked for teachers. Why? Are we working to appease the unions again and forget about those things called students?

Ace said...

another worthy Bloc Quebecois addition to the budget