Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Discussing the Budget with Duffy

Here's me on Mike Duffy Live this afternoon.

I was discussing the federal budget with Tasha Kheiriddin. She thinks it's a smart political budget; I hate it.

You can see the segment here.

(Click the tab marked "Are the Tories Moving Left?")


Ace said...

Yep, Canada's doomed to 2nd world status unless we get a Conservative majority. And everytime I turn on Radio-Canada or TVA all I hear is Quebeckers saying they like the current minority situation.

Lib majority = 2nd world status forever
Lib-NDP = economic disaster
Con-BQ = blackmail

That's Canadian politics in a nutshell. That's what the budget is about.

Let's just say I'm looking at Britain, some of the lower tax jurisdictions in Europe like Spain, or Australia. Unfortunately, I'll prolly hafta settle for the US given job matching criteria and all.

rondi said...

Gerry, Isn't Ace your dog? Wow -- he's really quite clever!

Gerry Nicholls said...

Yes my dog's name is "Ace" but I am pretty sure he's not the same Ace that leaves comments on my blog. Ace the dog rarely visits my blog, and he doesn't think much about politics. In fact, he doesn't think much about anything except cookies.

Ace said...

What a coincidence, I think about cookies too...

mostlyfree said...

It's disappointing to hear Tasha talking like that - I think you did a great job, though.

And what is this about property rights stuff in the environmental section? I'm looking at that section right now and I think I must be missing something.