Monday, March 26, 2007

Flaherty No Ronald Reagan

Check out a column I wrote, which appears in Sun Media papers today.

In it, I suggest the recent federal budget is a signal the Conservatives are heading down the wrong track.

And by that I mean, the Conservatives are ceasing to be conservatives.


mostlyfree said...

If you are going to assume that taxes can be fair, then the only fair tax is a flat tax.

Gerry Nicholls said...

Good point.

Brian said...

I linked to this one Gerry:

Gerry Nicholls said...


Thanks for the plug!

Ace said...

1. Flaherty and Harper propose flat tax.
2. Left-wing scream machine calls it UNFAIR.
3. Taliban Jack and Borat Dion majority is elected.

Is that what you'd really prefer? The next election is about more than just economic issues.

rondi said...

Gerry, Your sheltie makes sense!

Ace said...

Don't get me wrong, I favour a flat tax.

The fact is we don't live in a political climate like Estonia, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, or any of those other nations with flat or very simplified tax systems which have seen first-hand the devastating effects of state-sponsored Socialist terror and made a change for the better.

The evidence for a flat tax is crystal clear - it reduces corruption, destroying the lawyering, lobbying and tax accounting industries, and is utterly fair to everyone.

A flat tax is an absolute non-starter.

Given the ADQ insurgency that we've just witnessed in Quebec, let's steal their best economic policy, which was once considered a non-starter and implement it nationwide:


Hoodwinked said...

Thinking about a founding principle, again, right now:

"Free AND Fair Trade" anyone?

Gerry Nicholls said...

I am not an economist or anything, but I do know one thing which should be a central principle to any Conservative Party: Lower Taxes are Better than higher taxes.

And Ace -- yes it's about time our political overlords had the courage to admit the government health care monopoly isn't working.

Ace said...

While I'm convinced Harper can reduce taxes, I don't think he can cut spending in a minority govt.

Health care is a big issue that he can act on. What premiers would defend the CHA?

BC, Alberta, and Quebec - They all actively oppose the CHA.

Sask., MB and the Maritimes - who cares? The rural seats will vote Tory no matter what.

Ontario - admittedly McGuinty is the biggest stumbling block...but John Tory did have an electoral platform for imitating Quebec on this front...

Abolishing the CHA can be done in a minority govt.

I would disagree lower taxes do not equal better. I would not like to live in Somalia with no national defense, no education, no rule of law, and no way to enforce property rights other than using guns...

Other than that, yes lower taxes are better.

Hoodwinked said...

Mar. 26, 2007: Gerry Nicholls:
"... the Conservatives are ceasing to be conservatives."

Hoodwinked ponders...Sure sounds familiar...

John Robson - Ottawa Citizen, March 23, 2007:
"Vote buying has become the Canadidan way" link:
"Our Conservatives are not conservative, ...."

Tom Brodbeck - Winnipeg Sun - 2003.10.05 - "TORY, NDP MERGER MAKES MORE SENSE"

Stephen Harper 1999:
"Conservative Divisions are Here to Stay"
"We have more in common with our enemy than we do with you - ..."

No kidding, guys!

Miles Lunn said...

I still think Flaherty and Harper are true Conservatives. The real reason the budget was conservative was the simple fact the majority of MPs in the House of commons are not conservative. As long as the majority of MPs are centrists or left wing, conservative policies will go nowhere.