Thursday, March 29, 2007

What's Going on in Quebec?

Lots of analysis is going on in the media these days as to what's wrong with the Parti Quebecois and more generally with the separatist movement in Quebec.

My view?

Well it seems to me the problem with the separatist political movement in Quebec isn't that it's separatist, but that it's Marxist.

In other words, both the PQ and the Bloc Quebecois are pushing a tired, left-wing agenda that's falling out of touch with the realities of the modern world.

The Quebecois are ready to move on.

For another analysis on what the Quebec election results mean politically, check out this excellent column by Beryl Wajsman.

I met Beryl on a recent trip to Montreal and have had appeared on his radio show -- The Last Angry Man -- and I can tell you he is a savvy political thinker as well as a fascinating conversationalist.

On the Quebec election he writes:

"Dumont talked about the hopes of working people, the elderly and young families trying to make ends meet on constricting incomes and trying to make their dreams realities despite restrictive rule. The irony was not lost on the dozen or so reporters I was with. The 'left-wing' Boisclair played the exclusionary ethnic card of his cultural “uberclass”. The supposedly 'right-wing' Dumont championed the interests of an economic underclass. Dumont raised hopes he dare not betray."

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Miles Lunn said...

I wouldn't say it so much a left-right thing, but more an elitist vs. populist. People outside Montreal saw the PQ as too elitist and too much of a Montreal party while the saw the ADQ speaking to their needs and a leader who was like them.