Friday, March 09, 2007

Taking out the Trash

Toronto's Ruling Soviet Council has moved swiftly and decisively to smash counter-revolutionary activity in the outlying region of York -- formerly the independent city of York.

What sort of activity?

Well, the residents of that region had contracted with -- horrors of horrors -- a private company to collect their garbage!!!

Needless to say this struck right to the heart of Comrade David Miller's Utopian socialist city state.

Imagine the embarrassment, for instance, a few years ago when Toronto's public garbage collectors went on strike. Trash was piling up everywhere, -- except in York, where the private company continued to collect the area's refuse.

Talk about sticking it to the Proletariat!

Well those bourgeois days are over.

Yesterday the City Council decreed the public sector will take over garbage collection in York.

The dangerous private sector experiment is over.

From now on, whenever there is a garbage strike the whole city will suffer equally. Now that's egalitarianism at its finest.

Long live the Miller revolution!

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Ace said...

Why is the govt. involved in trash collection of all things? People are paying to pick up after themselves. Nanny-statism at its finest.