Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Windsor Liberty Seminar

When you think of Windsor, my home town, you usually think of cars and maybe of casinos.

But libertarians and conservatives should also think of it as the place that hosts the annual Windsor Liberty Seminar, a wonderful event that helps to promote my favourite cause: individual freedom.

This year's Seminar will be held on March 24th, and I would certainly encourage anyone who cares about freedom to attend.

I had the honour of speaking at last year's event and it was a great experience.

This year's speakers include Brett Skinner (a fellow Windsor native) from the Fraser Institute, Malkin Dare of the Society for Quality Eduction and a surprise guest.

The fact that such an event is held in an NDP bastion makes it all the more fun.


Miles Lunn said...

Windsor is an NDP bastion although the Conservatives did win most the suburbs and exurbs (Essex) and when going along the Highway 401 from Essex County, every riding it passes through is Conservative until Halton (and if you use last election's results) all the way until Mississauga. So Windsor is really an NDP riding in a sea of blue.

Anonymous said...

Of course the CPC could use a little more freemarket thinking too.

hoodwinked said...

I was unable to grasp the cost to adult registrants...please post, Gerry?

Also any car-pooling opportunities?

Gerry Nicholls said...

I believe the cost for non-students is $10.00

Anonymous said...

Is there a bio. to go along with the list of speakers? Is this going to be one conservative Love-In? Looks like it Miles....are you going?

Miles Lunn said...

Anonymous - I live in Toronto so the answer is No, I will not be going down to Windsor for the weekend. There is usually one in the Summer in Orillia, I believe, which is far closer to Toronto.

Matt said...

Hoodwinked - Gerry is correct, the cost for non-students is $10. If you would like me to ask around for car pooling you can email me at matt@liberalstudies.ca.

Anonymous #2 - the Institute for Liberal Studies is a non-partisan group and we do our best to make common cause with people from all parties. Jim Watkin will be speaking on drug legalization; a subject much closer to the NDP platform than the Conservative one.

Matt said...

Me again, I forget to mention that short bios of the WLS speakers are available at on the ILS website at http://www.liberalstudies.ca/events/speakers.htm.

P. M. Jaworski said...

Hey Miles: The other liberty event that happens in the summer and is closer to Toronto is held in Orono, not Orillia. Orono is about an hour's drive from Toronto. And I'm guessing our man Gerry will be coming this year (the seventh year of the Seminar).

It's worth the drive to Windsor to attend the Windsor Liberty Seminar. Don't count it out. Figure out some way of carpooling, and then spend the rest of the weekend gambling.