Tuesday, May 02, 2006

NCC Welcomes Tax Relief in Budget

Here's a news release I sent out today on the federal budget:

(May 2, 2006)The National Citizens Coalition says the Conservative government deserves credit for keeping its election promise to provide tax relief for Canadian families.

“The government as promised cut the GST, cut corporate taxes and provided other tax credits to Canadians,” says NCC vice president Gerry Nicholls. “This is good news for over-burdened taxpayers.”

However, the NCC vice president says he was disappointed the government did not go further in cutting income taxes.

“I hope if government surpluses continue to mount, the Conservatives will provide more income tax relief for Canadians,” says Nicholls.

Nicholls also praised the government for pumping more money into Canada’s military.

“For far too long, governments have under funded Canada’s military,” says Nicholls. “In this dangerous world, boosting our defence must be a priority.”


Miles Lunn said...

There were some good parts, but some bad parts too. I didn't like the idea of raising income taxes from 15% to 15.5%, while the GST Cut was a total gimmick.

I did however like the small business tax cut, corporate tax cuts, and tax credits.

Ed Hardison said...

Bravo .
This is a good budget that exceeded my expectations .
The GST cut is not a gimmick , dear Miles .
There is lots in here for the families ...always a good choice .
Finance Minister Flaherty has done a nice job in less than 100 days .
The next budget will be better .
One thing we truly need is a simplified tax form ...the current one is quite impossible .
blessings from Virgil , ON

Miles Lunn said...

I agree we need a simplified tax form and with all the tax credits if anything the budget made things simpler.

A GST Cut is a gimmick and even the Fraser Institute and former Reform MP Herb Grubel called it a bad idea. I am not against a GST cut, but I would prefer an income tax cut which does more to stimulate economic growth than a GST cut. The next budget will probably be better since it will be an election budget and election budgets always include lots of goodies. It is the budget after that which I am interested in.

Besides I am more concerned about the Conservatives on social as opposed to economic issues.