Monday, May 01, 2006

More on Harper and Babies

Steve Janke over at Angry in the Great White North has picked up my story about the “Stephen Harper Eats Babies” on the Go Transit ad and run with it.

You can check out his posting here. Among other things Janke dug around and found out the ads are put up by a company called Exclusive Advertising.

As for me, well I am too lazy to do any digging but my wife isn’t. She called Go Transit and they told her the Harper message was a result of somebody hacking into the computer system.


But it would be nice if Go Transit apologized publicly for this incident through a news release or something.

And the ad company should be apologizing as well.

As Janke writes: “Exclusive Advertising should be concerned. GO Transit is their only customer, and if they can't control what goes up on those boards . . .”

Media Alert:

I will talking about this incident on the Roy Green Show (CHML Hamilton) at 11:33 EST


For all you out there who doubted my story, I just got the following email from Go Transit:

Reference No: 2006002535
Mr. Gerry
Dear Mr. Nicholls:
Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding your experience while travelling on the Lakeshore West Rail service.
Please be assured that GO Transit is aware of the electronic signage and is in the process of rectifying the situation. GO Transit does not endorse the expressed opinion.
Thank you for your concerns.
Sincerely,Trudy Taylor-SteeleCustomer Service Representative

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scott said...

I agree wholeheartedly, there should be zero tolerance for individuals who maliciously alter the internet for political gain.