Thursday, May 04, 2006

Civitas Meeting

I am off to Ottawa today to attend the 10th annual Civitas Society meeting this weekend.

The Civitas Society’s official goal is to “promote and deepen understanding through the exchange of a wide range of political, economic, social, religious, cultural and philosophical ideas concerning the principles and traditions of a free and ordered society.”

I will be speaking at one session about the National Citizen Coalition’s fight against election gag laws.

If anybody out there reading this blog is also attending this meeting be sure to say hello.


Ed Hardison said...

Give our regards to the new Prime Minister ...and urge him to KILL the Gag Law.
blessings from Virgil , ON

Miles Lunn said...

Isn't Civitas a Christian fundamentalists group. I thought the National Citizen's Coalition was more libertarian than social conservative.

As for the gag law, that will have to wait until they have a majority government if they ever get one. Perhaps maybe they can get the Bloc Quebecois onside then they could do it sooner.

Anyways I am not against any gag law, I just think the current gag law is too restrictive even though I am a Liberal supporter at least for now.

Gerry Nicholls said...

Miles: No Civitas is not a fundamentalist group. It's a society where conservatives of all stripes can meet and exhcange ideas and opinions.

Ed Hardison said...

A BIG aha !
So Miles is a Liberal surprise , I guess.
But does that make him anti Christian as well ?
I know that there are many fair minded , conservative Liberals who are Christians [ in the true sense of the word ]...who vote Liberal candidate in their riding .
blessings from Virgil &
God bless Canada !

Miles Lunn said...

Civitas may not be an exclusively fundamentalist group but I think trying to combine social conservatives and libertarians won't work here in Canada. It may work in the United States since both groups have large enough bases that if you piss off part of one group you can still win. Here in Canada, social conservatism has little traction, so libertarians are better to go it on their own than work with so-cons. Mike Harris ignored the so-cons, so that might be a lesson for Harper is he is serious about getting a majority government.