Sunday, May 28, 2006

Baseball Dilemma

Once a long, long time ago, I was a devoted Detroit Tigers fan.

I adored guys like Al Kaline and Mickey Lolich; cheered when the Tigers won the Worlds Series in 1968 (yes I am that old) and in 1984; I loved to watch games at grand old Tigers Stadium.

However, years of living in Toronto caused me to lose touch with my beloved Tigers, and slowly but surely I began to root for the Toronto Blue Jays, a process helped along by the great Toronto teams of the early 1990s.

And yes, I must admit it was hard to root for a Detroit team that had become absolutely horrendous by the mid-90s.

But now suddenly the Tigers are the hottest team in baseball. They are currently on an eight game winning streak, and boast the best record in the Major Leagues.

So now I face a dilemma: Should I stick with the Jays or go back to my original love – the Tigers.

Maybe I should ask Dr. Phil


Greg Staples said...

Thankfully for you they are no longer in the same division and you can cheer for both. But wouldn't it be much better to have the Jays and Tigers in the same division again. I would trade the Tigers for the Devil Rays in a heart-beat - if just to get another 1987, but this time with the Jays winning.

Gerry Nicholls said...

Yes Greg I agree. Tigers and Blue Jays would be natural rivals. That 1987 race was amazing.

Chris said...

Gee, your comments about the Detroit Tigers really take me back! I too went to a game at Tiger Stadium in the 1960's. I was there to see the Baltimore Orioles play Detroit. I was a big Brooks Robinson fan. The Tigers had a lot of great players, and those two teams had a great rivalry. Al Kaline was a favourite of mine too. Ah, happy days!