Saturday, May 06, 2006

Conservatve Movies

I always thought the term “conservative movie” was an oxymoron.

After all, it seems just about everything Hollywood churns out these days has some sort of left-wing message.

Yet, while attending the Civitas convention I met Govindini Murty who has set something up called The Liberty Film Festival, which is “liberating Hollywood one film at a time.”

The festival celebrates classic films, such as John Wayne’s The Searchers, while also giving an audience to conservative-themed documentaries and short subjects.

Murty says anyone with a digital video camera can make a documentary or movie and she encourages all conservatives to go out there and start filming.

That’s a great idea, and you know I always thought I kind of looked like Tom Cruise anyway.

You can also check out Murty’s blog here.

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rondi said...

I'm not sure the Searchers is a "conservative" movie. But it sure is a brilliant movie.