Monday, May 01, 2006

Baby Eating Update

More news on the “Harper Baby Eating” front.

Earlier this afternoon I got an email from Exclusive Advertising, the folks in charge of advertising on the Go Trains.

Here’s what they have to say:

“We would like to take this opportunity to advise the public that these ads are the result of a hacker who has unlawfully tampered with the LED sign boards displayed by GO Trains. This message was in no way authorized by Exclusive Advertising or GO Transit, and is not condoned. We have taken measures to rectify this matter and are in the process of enhancing security.”

You can read the whole thing on their website. Look for the line: Stephen Harper LED Message.

I hope they do rectify this matter. The last thing I need to look at on the way home is socialist propaganda.


Surecure said...

If you don't want to see this happen again, you should find out who does advertise on the GO and contact them to see how they feel about the fact that GO's advertising security is so poor that their advertising was subverted by a hacker.

I know if I was paying for advertising and the security was so poor on the site that it could be supplanted by anybody with a wi-fi, I wouldn't be so quick to part with my advertising dollars.

The Tiger said...

I figured the guy was someone who liked Harper and was making fun of the people who make such over-the-top criticisms of him...