Monday, May 15, 2006

Bush and Conservatives

It’s been well reported that U.S. President George Bush is having a hard time in the polls these days.

Less reported, however, is the growing disillusionment among American conservatives with Bush’s leadership.

This editorial from the Washington Examiner helps to explain what’s going on and why the Republicans should be concerned.

The Canadian Conservative Party should also take heed.
(H/T Powerlineblog)

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Miles Lunn said...

I partially agree here. On the economic front, he has been a disaster, but neo-conservatives are generally big spenders, just in different areas than socialists, but still big spenders nonetheless.

On foreign policy, I don't think we should follow them. For starters we are a small country while they are a superpower so our role and interests are quite different. We play a complimentary role rather than a supplementary role

On moral issues, we should forget about. It would kill the Conservatives chance at gains in Quebec and urban Canada. And as much as I don't want the Conservatives to win a majority and would rather they adopt an agenda I am comfortable with in the event they do win, than one I am not.