Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Baby Blog Breakthrough

I finally did it.

My blog broke a story before the MSN, the dream of all bloggers.

I am talking, of course, about the “Harper Eating Babies” story which I first blogged about on Friday.

It’s now front page news in both the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail.

And the Toronto Sun featured it in their “Best of the Blogs” section, writing:

“When Gerry Nicholls, VP of the National Citizens Coalition noticed a strange message on the advertising screens on the Go Train on Thursday, he didn’t just sit there, he asked questions. Turns out a hacker put up the phrase, “Stephen Harper Eats Babies” on the screens where it ran for four days. Nicholls broke the story and mainstream media picked it up yesterday.”

Of course, I had lots of help from Steve Janke over at Angry in the Great White North and it’s not exactly on the same level as the Rathergate/Bush National Guard story, but heck it’s still pretty good.

I wonder if I could win a Pulitzer for this?

Media Update:

I will talking about Harper's dietary tastes on Adler Online at about 2:05 PM EST and on the Gary Doyle Show (570 News Kitchener)

Also check out this story on CTV News and on the CBC website, 640 News and Reuters.

My friend Joel over at Proud to Be Canadian also has some insights on this.

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