Friday, May 19, 2006

Howard Vs. Union Bosses

Yesterday some union bosses decided to do what they do best: protest.

This time they were protesting the visit to Canada of Australian Prime Minister John Howard.


Well, Prime Minister Howard had the temerity to modernize and reform Australia’s labour laws, making them more flexible and granting more choice to employees.

Needless to say such moves are an anathema to Canada’s union establishment, which is still stuck in a class-war mentality.

Also needless to say, Canada’s labour laws need reforming as well. And Prime Minister Stephen Harper would do well to emulate his Aussie counter-part in this area.

For more on this check out John Mortimer’s piece which appeared yesterday in the Financial Post. John heads up a fantastic group called Labour Watch.

Have a great long weekend everybody!

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Miles Lunn said...

The problem here is Labour laws are almost all under provincial jurisdiction, so it is primarily up to the provinces not the feds to set them. I agree unions, especially here in BC, are too powerful, but I still believe they have the right to exist. A balance between ensuring workers are fairly represented, while unions don't become too militant is what is needed.