Friday, May 12, 2006

Guns and Freedom

The Auditor-General will release her report next week on the much-maligned gun registry program.

The media buzz is that it will be another Ad Scam-like bombshell.

But the problem with the registry goes beyond just excessive cost and waste.

There are also important principles involved.

My friend Pierre Lemieux – a libertarian’s libertarian – has written extensively on this subject.

He makes a good case for freedom.


Miles Lunn said...

I don't think we should be going after law-abiding firearm owners, however with hand-guns thats a different story. US style gun laws are not the way to go. Even though I sympathize with some libertarian ideas I think the harm an armed society causes in terms of higher crime outweighs the personal liberty benefits.

Stephen said...

Miles Lunn's fuzzy logic is why we have many of the gun issues, and the albatros of the registry, hanging around are necks now. "US style gun laws"...what would they be? Many regional jurisdictions in the US have tougher local laws than we have here in Canada, yet crime with (or without) remains an issue. This has nothing to do with Libertarianism. The fallacy that an armed society causes higher crime is just that - a fallacy. 44 states in the US now have "shall issue" concealed carry permits for qualified citizens and confrontational crime is dropping. In the states where there is a timeline on this, the rate drops are significant.
Shallow thinkers need to get their collective mind around the concept that criminals don't give the proverbial rat's butt for laws about handguns or any other firearm. There are a million or more handguns in Canada. There isn't a gun crime problem in Canada. There's a criminal problem in some communities.

Anonymous said...

The most convincing stand against the Liberal's gun registry, is my Liberal MP himself who's opposed it from Day 1.

Miles Lunn said...

I am all for scrapping the gun registry, but allowing people to carry concealed weapons is just plain dumb. The US crime rate maybe going down, but it is still far higher than any other developed nation, all who ban concealed weapons. Also an armed society was necessary when there was a risk of a dictatorship, but today we have the Charter as well as elections to guard against this.

Miles Lunn said...

Anonymous - Who is your Liberal MP, since almost all the Liberal MPs who opposed it from day 1 have since been defeated (most are in rural ridings that went Tory). The only one left to the best of my knowledge is Paul Steckle, since he was one of the few rural Ontario MPs to be re-elected.