Monday, May 08, 2006

More Civitas Stuff

Here's me at the Civitas conference speaking with a former National Citizens Coalition employee. That's Al Gordon from the Canadian Coalition for Democracies in the middle.

(Thanks to Rondi for this photo.)


Anonymous said...

Gerry - you should take a glance at yesterday's Hansard. Liberal MP questions Harper on his meeting with neo-cons, almost as if a consiracy. Same old, same old. Quite funny actually because it's likely the best the Liberal opposition has to offer in Question Period these days.

Miles Lunn said...

I couldn't find any information on the internet on Civitas so they have a point. Also the connection with the Republicans is quite worrying and it should worry all Canadians. The Republican agenda smacks in the face of the values Canada was founded on. Wanting less government and more freedom is one thing, but promoting a mean-spirited agenda about helping your supporters and hurting your opponents is not the kind of country I want.

Anonymous said...

The Canadian public knows what the real deal is.

You are all in bed with the Republicans.

Make sure your pension plan is secure.

Because at the next election, you'll be tossed out for the also-rans that you are.