Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dentist Blues

I just endured my most hated of experiences: a trip to the dentist.

Since it usually takes me a while to get over such a trauma, I really can’t come with anything meaningful in my blog today.

So in the meantime, check out this great piece on anti-Americanism by noted academic and author Victor Davis Hanson.

If there’s anything I hate worse than going to the dentist, it’s mindless anti-Americanism.


Miles Lunn said...

I think the left sometimes gets a little too paranoid at the Americans. By the same token I think the right is way too quick to label anyone who disagrees with the Americans as anti-American. We are a sovereign nation and we have the right to disagree with them when we think they are wrong. I would say the right's general pro-Americanism is one of the biggest things preventing them from having more success in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Miles, your first statement's a good one but you then add "I would say the right's general pro-Americanism... If you really want to stop the unfair labelling start here, with your post.

I know plenty on the left of the spectrum that are pro-American. So what? Similarly I bet I could snare a right-wing anti-American?

Your left wing slip is showing Miles.

Miles Lunn said...

I know not all lefties are anti-American and all right wingers are pro-American, but one cannot deny those on the right tend to have a more positive attitude towards the United States on average than those on the left. I myself in somewhat of an exception since I am right leaning on economic policy, but left leaning on social and foreign policy.