Monday, April 18, 2011

Media Alert

Am scheduled to be a guest "strategist" on CTV's Power Play tonight at about 8:45 PM to talk politics.


Surecure said...

Hopefully you'll get to discuss this misquotation the Liberals assigned to Harper in their latest attack ad and how the Liberals at first balked at changing the ad. Seriously... what is with that?

Anonymous said...

Whatever. SunTV starts in 10 minutes.

wilson said...

Sun TV launches in 5 minutes,
don't think too many CPC supporters will be watching Liberal TV much any more.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Gerry..
It's Sun TV from now on.

My husband and I have been wintering in Florida.
We have been watching CTV's accounts regarding the election in Canada.
I can only say in the strongest terms possible.
CTV is absolutely the worst along with CBC in fair and balanced reporting.
The liberals are getting away with murder.

While here in Florida we have made a decision.
When we get back home at the end of April we will be getting the new Sun TV channel.

You and the rest of your cronies have no one to blame but yourselves...we are fed up!

Anonymous said...

Conservatives watch Sun TV News now...CBC and CTV can go to hell.You'll have to go over to Lin logs to announce those channels. were done and have "Wised Up".

Patsplace said...

What? Watch CTV now that Sun in up and running? You've got to be kidding.

Capndan said...

Sorry Gerry, if you are not on Sun TV, I won't be watching. No more CBC, CTV, or Global for me. A choice in Canada at last...............

Fay said...

We are all watching Sun TV but good luck!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jerry I don't watch any of those channels anymore as of SUN TV's inauguration opening.
Try getting on there as this is the new wave channel and the one to be connected with.
Looking forward to seeing you there - The rest of them are plague in this household.
Lovin it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Gerry, we are all watching Sun Tv tonight.

Anonymous said...

Heard you on Adler radio
You remember those days, don’t you?

Chr├ętien and Martin slashing federal health care funding by $25 BILLION dollars and only partially restoring it before being voted out of office.Why Gerry do you trust Liberals with health care? PM Harper has more reason to be trusted. He has never cut health care...he gave $10 MILLION above and beyond for Cancer research.Before you go on talk shows , you should do some research...made you look weak. Sorry.