Monday, April 18, 2011

My take on Liberal attack strategy

Check out my latest column in the Hill Times, where I discuss whether the recent Liberal attack ads are good political strategy or simply an act of desperation. (Note: it's behind a subscription wall.)

Also I am quoted on the same topic in this Hill Times article.  (It's free!)


Anonymous said...

I sense a bit of "rope a dope" from the Canservatives up to this point.

Remember the push back that appeared to happen before election day in prior elections?

It would seem to me that starting in the next few days a campaign and advertising blitz by the Conservatives might be unleashed to give the appearance of momentum.

I have not seen (or heard) too many Cons. ads as of late compared to the Libs and NDP.

As to your point, the Libs seem to go negative nearer the end of the campaign either out of desperation or as a last push to get their base motivated to vote.

Anonymous said...

Well, while those blessed with a much better mind than myself pontificate the nuances of this election; myself and 30 other very senior folks will be out door knocking for the next two weeks.
We see this election as the last gasp effort to give our children and grand children a start on tomorrow.
I urge everyone to grab a pamphlet and go talk to all of your neighbors.
That's were the votes are.
Mel Wilde alias, the old geezer@!

"Expert" Tom said...

I agree with the anon 9:23 with the exception that I think they will wait until the final week before the CPC ad deluge begins. They can't have spent very much so far.

From the strategies so far, it looks like the CPC internal polling is keeping them happy and the Libs internal polls are giving them nightmares.

Dennis said...

The liberal attack ads, coupled with the recent appearance of Chretien and Paul Martin on the campaign trail, leads me to believe that the Liberals are in serious trouble electorally. I think there is a very good chance that the NDP will become the official opposition after May 3rd. The Liberals will then proceed to tear their own party to shreds. Hopefully the Conservatives will be able to manage at least a slim majority and avoid having the rest of the country dragged into a Liberal slugfest.