Friday, April 01, 2011

Greens just over-hyped fringe party

The Ottawa Citizen asked me to elaborate on my recent blog posting on the Green Party. You can read the resulting column here.


Anonymous said...

Your on fire GN !! I'm impressed a media outlet let you talk like that about an Environmental Saviour.

Anonymous said...

There can be no doubt that the Greens are a one trick pony.

In spite of all the "free" advertising and coverage the Greens have had over the years can anyone (outside of a few political junkies) cite any other policy from them?

All parties suffer from the occasional candidate that is "loopy" or a bit off his rocker. In most cases these people are in ridings they have no chance of winning. The Greens have a lot of these. Many of them are not to be taken seriously.

Having said that, the fault belongs squarely on the media.

They cannot or won't create a set of rules ahead of time that will make inclusion obvious.This is in part because of the very fluid reality of Canadian politics. It is badly regionalized and can change rapidly. Any rules that they set in place might in 2 years seem preposterous because of an unforseen scenario.

My big beef is that the current situation emboldens the existing parties and hurts independants and any new parties that will come forward.

Anonymous said...

The Christian Heritage party has a more sensible platform than the Green Party yet they get zero attention from the mainstream media.

bertie said...

Your making it awful hard on me to complain Gerry.That is 3 home runs in a row for you.Excellent column.Another one i would like to see removed is PQ.Let whomever go to Quebec to debate if they want.A National debate is not the place for a Provincial only party leader.