Monday, April 11, 2011

Media Alert

Am scheduled to be a guest tonight on CTV's Power Play to talk strategy. Sometime after 8:00 PM.


Roy Elsworth said...

I saw that gerry you did alright but you didn't say the reason it won't get much play was because the auditor general came out and said that it wasn't even the final result that it wasn't even a complete. but that sheila fraser said that all this was was basically a fact check document.

Anonymous said...

just give it up already.

Media ran with a report based on a rumour and had to backtrack when the AG said it was incomplete/inaccurate, and now media is trying to distract us from the egg on their face.

Do us all a favour media, and jump out of Iggy's back pocket so we can get a few weeks of OBJECTIVE coverage before the election.