Monday, April 04, 2011

Media Alert 2

I will be a guest on The Afternoon News with Richard Brown today at 7:35 PM ET, to talk about Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the media.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry Gerry, I'm not tuned in to the talk shows you seem to appear on so I don't know what your argument is when speaking in favour, I assume, of the Conservatives but I hope that you mention how "the Carlson Affair" is a prime example of what has people so pissed off about this election and the last five years of the Harper minority government.
There are real issues to be talked about and they keep bringing up issues that are solely designed to bring scandal to the Conservatives.
Here we have yet another 'scandal' where the media and opposition parties want to know WHEN Harper knew about Carson.
Who gives a flying f**k!
If Parliament was in session some Parliamentary Committee or other would be holding special sessions to get to the bottom of it.
When did he learn about Carson??
When did he know about the Afghan detainees??
When did he know about Schrieber and his letters to the government??
Why did he pocket that wafer??
Why did he fire Guergis??
After five years of dodging scandals in a minority government it's no wonder Harper wanted to call it quits and I think voters understand this.