Friday, April 15, 2011

Candidates who must lose

During elections people usually root for certain politicians to win; I, on the other hand, root for certain politicians to lose.

Yes, I know this reflects a bitter, cynical take on life, but hey it's a hobby.

Anyway, here's my list of candidates I would love to see lose on May 2nd:

1. Julian Fantino – Be nice if voters deserted him the way he deserted home owners in Caledonia. 

2. Bob Rae – Still don't think he has suffered enough for what he did to Ontario's economy.

3. Michael Ignatieff -- Actually I hope he loses for pity's sake. I mean, after his party gets trounced at the polls on May 2nd it would be so much easier for him to return to Harvard if he didn't have to worry about resigning his own seat.

4. Justin Trudeau – Obvious reasons. (Actually, I just put his name on this list to make my right-wing readers happy. Personally, I hope he wins because he provides Canadian politics with what it needs most these days-- comic relief.)

5. Elizabeth May – Her losing every election has become a Canadian tradition. Would hate to see it end.

6. Thomas Mulcair – The only thing worst than a socialist, is an overly ambitious socialist.

7. Ralph Goodale– I still hold a grudge against this guy for his promotion of Canada's Little Kremlin on the Prairie, otherwise know as the Canadian Wheat Board.

8. Mark Holland  – Oh, he's just so smug!

9. Ken Dryden  – For making politics as boring as hockey is exciting!

10. Linda Duncan -- A federal NDP MP in Alberta! It just doesn't make any sense.

OK, I've had my say, now it’s up to voters to act accordingly.


Anonymous said...

How could you possibly leave out Pat Martin???

Anonymous said...

Great list, but how could Pat Martin or Marlene Jennings not be on it?


ridenrain said...

Please include Ujjal Dosanjh and Hedy Fry

Anonymous said...

How about any/all BQ candidates?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Denis Coderre...

Paul MacPhail said...

All of the above.

Paul MacPhail said...

...And Wayne Easter.

Liz J said...

I agree with most on your list but not Fantino.

I would add the insufferables Pat Martin, Jennings, David McGuinty who really isn't too swift.

Platty said...

Goodale, Jennings, Holland and Martin being gone would go a long way to making Canadian politics so much easier to watch without wanting to blow up the t.v.


Anonymous said...

Right Mr. Nicholls, better to have a Liberal in Vaughan than someone who had McGuinty's gun pointed at his head.
What is the current OPP Commissioner doing for the Caledonia residents that Fantino didn't?
Please add David McGuinty to your list.

Gabby in QC said...

Most of the ones previously mentioned plus Anita Neville, Wayne Easter, David McGuinty, Yvon Godin, Olivia Chow, Glen Pearson, Nicole Demers, Bernard Bigras, GILLES DUCEPPE! ... the list is endless.

Gabby in QC said...

Forgot ... Paul Dewar.

Anonymous said...

Voting against Fantino is a moral duty for anyone who can vote in Vaughn.

Miles Lunn said...

Here is my response to the ten chosen

1. Julian Fantino - I guess you would vote Liberal in this riding as they are the only party that can defeat him.

2. Bob Rae - not going to happen. Toronto Centre is one of the safest Liberal ridings in the country

3. Michael Ignatieff - Not likely since although his riding is one of the more conservative ones in the 416 its pretty rare for leaders to lose unless you have a disaster like Kim Campbell did in 1993

4. Justin Trudeau - I assume you would vote Bloc Quebecois in this riding since they are the only party that could realisticially defeat him.

5. At least she has realized how difficult it is to win a seat. This one might come true as although the Gulf Islands will probably back her, there are more people living in the Saanich section which tend to be mostly non-union suburban/rural voters of 50 otherwise those that vote Tory rather than Green.

6. Thomas Mulclair - I guess you must be fine with voting for former Chretien cabinet minister Martin Cauchon as this is a two way NDP-Liberal race

7. Ralph Goodale - He is popular enough in his riding that he won't lose it as long as he holds it. As for his support for the CWB, I should note 90% of the polls are in Regina where it isn't a big issue while the 10% of the polls in the rural areas mostly went Tory last time around, In fact they won by 20% in the rural sections. The Tories will likely target this whenever he retires as that is when they would have their best chance

8. This could be a tight race although if the Liberals tie or lead in Ontario they should hold this, but if the Tories rebound to their 10-15 point lead in Ontario, then they will probably pick this up.

9. One of the few winneable ridings for the Tories in the 416 area code, but still give Dryden the edge, but by no means entirely safe

10. Depends on turnout here as the NDP is strongest in the Western part of the riding where you have the U of A as well as Whyte Avenue as opposed to the Eastern part of the riding which is more your middle class families. The more strategic voting there is and the higher the turnout the better the chances for the NDP as the Tory vote will show up no matter what.

Besides, I would rather each party won at least one seat in every province. I don't think clean sweeps by any party of any province or being shut out is a good thing. A healthy democracy is better served by having 2 or 3 national parties, not a bunch of regionalized parties and only one national party. I also would like to see the Liberals win more rural seats while see the Tories win some seats in the 416 area code, Island of Montreal, and Vancouver proper. The rural/urban divide is not either healthy.

Anonymous said...

Of all the candidates I feel Mr, Harper himself would be the best to go, Then there would be a truely right of centre party, and not a cult of Harper.

manny said...

Gilles Duceppe. Everyone must have a dream.

Heck, since i can ask for anything, I want all Bloc candidates to lose. Even better, I want Ottawa to somehow make the Bloc illegal.

Anonymous said...

Love them all. I would add Gilles Duceppe and Ruby Dhalla to the list.