Sunday, April 10, 2011

Addicted to Twitter

Gotta say I am really getting addicted to Twitter.

With its 140 character limit, it's really the ideal form for political communication -- it forces you to get a message out in a concise manner, without a lot of substance.

Plus, it's like having access to your own private online news service.

Anyway, anybody who wants to "Follow" me can do so here:

See below my top tweets from the last week or so:

* Desperate #LPC considers replacing Michael Ingatieff in TV debate with Pierre Trudeau's Panama hat.

* NDP to release platform today. In unrelated news, Canadians experience massive yawning epidemic.

 * Here's a deal for Liz May: I will support her getting in debates if she starts opposing stupid tax on grocery store plastic bags!

 * Item from #GPC platform: Sacrifice Ezra Levant to "some sort of Earth deity"

 * Don't want want to say the LPC is having $ problems, but Michael Ignatieff's "open letter" on health care arrived with postage due!

 * Glad to see #cpc determined to eliminate the deficit, since they are the ones who created it.

* New poll shows race tightening: 48% say elxn more boring than watching paint dry; 45% say paint drying slightly less boring.

News flash: After putting journalists in platform "lock up" today, the #CPC "accidently" loses the key
* Elections: A period in a democracy when citizens exercise their right to learn all the dirty secrets of those running for office.

 * Possible scandal: Turns out former Conservative leader John A. Macdonald was not born in Canada!!

* Spoiler Alert: The surprise ending of Canadian election -- Michael Ignatieff is really Stephen Harper's son! 

* News flash: Green leader Elizabeth May is taking Britain to court for inventing "First past the post" electoral system

* News flash: Student complains Liberal security team forced her to attend Ignatieff rally!


wilson said...

Too Funny Gerry!

Unknown said...

"it forces you to get a message out in a concise manner, without a lot of substance."

I think you meant clutter right?

Unknown said...

good tweets btw :)

AToryNoMore said...

Have you eve seen a more poorly run con campaign lately, well ok, except for the last Ontario PC campaign?

Anonymous said...

AToryNoMore; you must be happy that Brian Mulroney is not jumping with glee to see Harper win again. You sound like a PC from way back. I figured out some time ago that a PC=Liberal. (real conservative)