Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wooing Obama

Here's a column I wrote examining the political implications of President Barack Obama's visit to Canada.

My conclusion: Obama just isn't that into us.


FredM said...

He should be banned from here(probably a bit over the top) or at least heavily protested for sending an American to the Durban 2 hate fest.

AEK said...

The Messiah has not votes to win in Canada, and most Canadians are already genuflecting before Him. So, you're right: Why should He waste His time preaching to the converted?

Polls show His Porkulus Bill has lost considerable popular support in the US, so His time is better spent on an extended HopeyChangey publicity campaign back home.

The most slighted Obama-lover on record is Jim Travers, who is spitting mad that there will be no public worship services.

According to Travers, Obama "is like the sun" while a comparison with Harper is "odious", and Canadians who voted for the Conservatives are "dyspeptic".

Hell hath no fury like a left-wing Rant-Meister scorned.

Anonymous said...

I watched the Mansbridge White House interview with Obama on Tuesday evening.

I think Mansbridge got the positive answers that he was looking for from Obama regarding trade Between Canada and the US.

No point in Harper speaking to Obama now.

Mansbridge is a great interviewer!