Thursday, February 05, 2009

US conservatives mobilizing

The American conservative movement is mobilizing against the government spending splurge that's taking place in the United States.

The leaders of 18 of pro-free market organizations have signed an open letter addressed to the leaders of the American Senate.

Part of the letter reads: "the astronomical growth of government spending, coupled with further monetary easing and protectionism, will discourage investment, savings, and capital creation, because in the longer term it means higher taxes, higher interest rates, and inflation. It will destroy jobs in the private sector, thus increasing individual dependency on government."

We need a similar campaign here in Canada.


Anonymous said...

While the Canadian Conservative movement(with a few exceptions) circle the wagons claiming big deficits, big government, and welfare for everyone were really conservative values all along and anyone who says otherwise is just plain unconservative.

Robert McClelland said...

Where were these rubes the last 8 years when Bush added $7 trillion to the US debt?

Anonymous said...

Is Robert McClelland now railing against deficit spending? If so, good for him.

Robert McClelland said...

I don't rail. I leave that up to the stupid people.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the Dominionists within the US political system.

They could well be the conservative mobilizers.