Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Media Alert II

I am scheduled to be on CTV Newsnet's Power Play with Tom Clark this afternoon to talk Ottawa politics at approximately 5:30 PM EST.

That's the program replacing the old Mike Duffy Show.


Bob said...

is it just me, or is this guy starting to approach Garth level annoying status.

Anonymous said...

You make about as much sense as Danny Williams!!! I will continue to donate to the conservative party and I am proud of Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warning, Now I know enough to watch something else today.

Anonymous said...

This is nothing new for Nicholls! He has had almost nothing good to say about PM Harper over at least the past two years.
It's not enough that the media are in the tank for the Liberals.. Nicholls constantly piles on too. I imagine that is why the media, both TV and print, give him a pulpit. They love it when somebody slams our PM and Conservatives.

Bec said...

Why are you doing this, Mr Nicholls?

I guess if you feel better then that becomes mostly about you and not the rest of us.They are using you. Why do you not see that or maybe you do.

ps I listened for 10 seconds and saw where you were going.
Please do not act as though you are speaking for me.Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Oh here we go again with the sad little Harper cronies.

Gerry, for the love of God, do not insult "The Leader". Didn't you know that he is infallible? He must not be criticised.

Who cares that he has abandoned all his principles? Who cares that he covets power above all else? He is the PM! Now step in line with the rest of the robots.


Anonymous said...

Keep it up Gerry! These faux Conservatives just can't stand seeing what the real deal looks like. They get embarassed when people with real principles and an understanding of economics show up, so they lash out like school girls.