Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Lesser of two evils?

Since the Tory budget came down a lot of Conservative apologists have defended it by saying, "Well things would have been worse had the Coalition been in power."

But would a Coalition budget really be much worse, in terms of spending and deficits?

My friend Janet Neilson says probably not.


caz said...

Janet is simply wrong..

Anonymous said...

Gerry, ill bet you know the difference between "structural deficit" and " short tern deficit".
We most certainly would have had program spending that went on forever.

wilson said...

But would a Coalition budget really be much worse, in terms of spending and deficits?

After what we all witnessed yesterday,
with Iggy stepping aside while Danny called the shots over a confidence vote,
paired with Iggy wooing big unions,
how can anyone doubt that a coalition or even minority Liberal government would spend more than this government.

Joe Clark and Iggy, the 'head waiters for the provinces'.

Anonymous said...

agree with wilson and made my $1000 contribution

Anonymous said...

agree with Wilson, just sent in my $1000 donation.

Gerry, i know you're burned by the way NCC dropped you, and we have heard the rumours that the PMO applied pressure.

But you have to rise above this, match to the death between you and Stephen.

no one wins, if either of you win.

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea Gerry, since all of the conservative sycophants seem to believe that criticizing policy and principles are really just personal attacks maybe if you actually attacked Harper personally they would look at the parties policies.

How's about something along the lines of Harper has B.O. and eat's way to many pork and beans.

treb said...

We cant all get on National TV like you Gerry and spread the bull-shit.All you fence sitters are just as destructive to Canada as the MSM.You should be ashamed of yourself for the way you have betrayed the party.If you were so damn good with getting us out of a recessions,you would be PM.But PM Harper is in charge ,not you,and thank goodness for that,because you sure as hell would make the NDP envious with your knowledge of what Canada needed to do.God you armchair experts make me puke.

Anonymous said...

treb sounds like he could use some prune juice.

Anonymous said...

Treb can't help getting angry. He is an obedient little troll, and Gerry has dared to challenge the word of his master.


Steve Lafleur said...

Wow. Yes, I agree. Ad hominem attacks are so effective. Of course Gerry is wrong because he is (x defamatory comment). Seriously people. If you are older than 5, I would hope that you could actually analyse his argument, and come to a civil conclusion. As it happens, Gerry is correct. The coalition promised a 30 billion dollar deficit, and the CPC has upped the ante. Absolutely shameful.

Anonymous said...

Harper says the global financial problems started outside of Canada.


But, the whole issue is a failure of a global neoconservative unbridled free market system.

Looked good...but it has failed all of us.