Friday, April 21, 2006

Common Sense Evolution

It’s too bad Alberta seems to be backing off on plans to reform its health care system.

But sooner or later reform will come because the socialist model we have in place just ain’t working.

Had the opportunity to hear Dr. Brian Day, who has been nominated to head the Canadian Medical Association, speak yesterday at a Fraser Institute event.

In a powerful presentation, Dr. Day made the point that our health care system is too costly, too inefficient and causing unnecessary suffering.

It’s only a matter of time, he says, that politicians will bow to reality and allow private alternatives to the public system.

It might happen slowly at first and in fits and starts, but it will happen.


Monkey Loves to Fight said...

I think the biggest mistake the Alberta government made was to not explain the Third Way to the public. But not explaining it to the public, left wing groups such as Friends of Medicare were able to spread false propaganda that health care wouldn't be available to those who couldn't afford it and there would be a US system. Anyways Quebec already has a two-tiered system and will be going ahead with allowing individuals to pay for private health insurance, although it won't allow doctors to work in both systems, but there are already 100 doctors in Quebec working in the private system. Once people say Quebec's health care hasn't collapsed they will be more open to it elsewhere.

The Alberta government should have send pamphlets to every home describing the different models of health care used globally and their advantages and disadvantages. It should have held town hall meetings where individuals can ask questions and the government will provide answers. If the government clearly explained what it would allow and what it wouldn't I think the public would have been more supportive.

Silverwinger said...

The pundits were more concerned with shooting down old Ralphie, then they are interested in reforming health care.
With their heads firmly buried in the sand, they repeat the same old mantra of universal health care, not even aware the costs are escalating out of control.
Ralph Klein has told them they are going to squirm when they see the cost of Alberta Health care next year and it is going to make them pucker up.
As I pointed out on my blog, If Alberta can't afford health care in the future, how the heck are the smaller have-not provinces going to manage?
The so called protecters of universal health care don't know what a bloated baby they have on their hands