Thursday, April 06, 2006

Senate Reform

One of the items mentioned in the Throne Speech was Senate reform.

Certainly, this is an issue that needs debating. Our current Senate is an archaic, undemocratic national embarrassment.

Of course, fixing it won’t be easy.

Here are my thoughts on the subject from my column which appears in Report magazine.

Self-promotional Update:

I will be discussing Senate reform on Charles Adler Online, at 4:03 PM EST.

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Monkey Loves to Fight said...

Senate Reform is definitely needed but is challenging due to the fact it requires constitutional changes. I would rather we just abolish the whole thing since it would save us taxpayer money and it does nothing. Having an effective senate would make governing more difficult unless it is controlled by the same party. While it may be more democratic it would mean less gets done. This is one of the few areas I agree with the NDP. At the provincial level we don't have upper houses, so we don't need them at the federal level either.