Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Limit on Political Contributions a Bad Idea

A few days ago I posted a blog praising the federal government’s Accountability Act.

And overall I think it is a good plan to make government better and more honest.

Yet there is one part of the Act I really don’t like: the proposal to further restrict what individuals can contribute to a political party.

This restriction won’t mean better government, but it will stifle individual free expression.

I have written an op-ed on this topic which is a featured commentary on the Globe and Mail’s website.

You can read it here.


Monkey Loves to Fight said...

I agree here. I think the outright ban on corporate and union donations is going way too far. Hopefully the opposition will pull this part out, although I suspect the NDP and Bloc Quebecois will probably support it. At least hopefully the senate can amend the bill or even defeat it so it goes back to the drawing board.

Anonymous said...

Yes and why not give corporations and unions the vote as well.