Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Play Ball

I know this is blog is supposed to be about politics. And I know that means I should write something about today’s Throne Speech.

But Greg Weston, who covers the House of Commons for Sun Media, today writes “While throne speeches have the fancy-sounding purpose of setting out the government's agenda for the new Commons session, they typically rank high on the list of parliamentary traditions ordinary Canadians can safely ignore.”

Read his whole column here.

Anyway, I will take Weston’s advice and ignore the Throne Speech so I can concentrate on something much more important: Opening Day for the Toronto Blue Jays.

To get everybody in the proper mood for what should be an exciting season here is a list of some great baseball sites I like to visit:

Major League Baseball’s official site: This is a great way to get the season stats and standings and scores all season.

Baseball Reference: The best place to get the history of any major league player that ever played or any major league team that ever existed. Be warned this can be a real time waster for anybody who loves baseball history.

MLB Rumours: Want to get the latest trade gossip about your favorite player; this is the place to get it.

Baseball Think Factory: This section of the Baseball Think Factory is sort of a clearinghouse for links to baseball columnists across North America.

Puresim Baseball: This is a cool PC game I own. It allows you to simulate any year in baseball history or to create your own fictional leagues. Check it out.

Hope you enjoy these sites. Hope you enjoy the upcoming season.

That is unless you are a Yankee fan.

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