Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Accountability Act

Prime Minister Stephen Harper promised to provide better and more accountable government.

And so far, he is keeping that promise.

His Accountability Act will go a long way toward ending the kind of corruption that has plagued Ottawa in recent years.

Some of the things I like in the proposed Act:

Expanding access-to-information legislation to cover crown corporations.
Giving the Auditor-General more power
Ensuring government appointments on merit
Creating a more transparent process for awarding government contracts.

All good stuff.

One disappointment in the package, however, was the government’s failure to end the practice of giving public subsidies to political parties.

This is nothing but a welfare plan for politicians.

But overall, this is a good start.


WE Speak said...

When it comes to public subsidies, our politicians believe in "leading by example".

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

I don't like the part about banning union and corporate donations. This is simply in my view a way to make it more difficult for the Liberals and NDP who rely in corporate donations in the former and union in the latter while the Conservatives rely mostly on grassroots donations. I also think the prohibition against lobbying for five years after leaving politics goes to far. But there are certainly some good stuff too.

Clinton P. Desveaux said...

Not only is Harper doing that, but he has publicly attacked Alberta Jean Chretien style for providing private medical options to individuals who choose to seek it out. We know one thing, Harper is no friend of liberty...Enjoy my new column Gerry!
Also this, nonsense of banning corporations for providing funds should be challenged again. Making it illegal for people to earn a living simply because they are in a lobby firm is sick as well.

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

Actually I wouldn't say he is publicly attacking Alberta Jean Chretien style, but he did send a warning letter to them. Until he repeals the Canada Health Act, he would have a tough time justifying not sending one. That being said I do think the Canada Health Act should be amended if not repealed outright. The federal government still should fund health care, but the only real string attached they need is that the provinces use the money they are given for health care only and not for other stuff. I also don't disagree with the idea that private clinics should have to operate without government subsidies. True free enterprise is about competing without government assistance.