Monday, March 27, 2006

McGuinty vs. the Left

Left-wingers in Ontario are feeling mighty betrayed these days.

It seems Premier Dalton McGuinty isn’t exactly the “progressive” leader they were hoping he would be.

Just consider the Birkenstock brigades’ reaction to McGuinty’s latest budget.

Noted left-wing propagandist Linda McQuaig, for instance, complained in a recent column that the Liberal budget “came up with almost nothing for the poor.”

In fact, according to McQuaig, “McGuinty has actually made the plight of the poor worse.”

Not to be outdone, militant union boss Sid Ryan went so far as to suggest McGuinty was even worse than (horror of horrors) Mike Harris.

“The shocking reality,” wrote Ryan recently, “is that people on welfare and disability pensions were actually better off under the draconian Harris government.”

For a left-winger insults don’t get much worse than that.

But is McGuinty really all that bad? Or is spending more money on social programs really the way to help the poor.

No. See here for more on this angle.

It’s just that McGuinty is following the trail laid out by other left wing politicians like Tony Blair and Bill Clinton – forget about socialist dogma and make the Middle Class happy.

In short, the Liberals want Middle class votes more than they want the approval of anti-poverty advocates.

Sorry Linda, but your class warfare style politics are about as dated as mood rings and Nehru jackets.


rondi adamson said...

Whatever happened to that Nehru guy? He dropped right out of the fashion world.

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

I am no fan of Dalton McGuinty, but I think he is a centrist or perhaps centre-left, but not hard left like the NDP. Most people realize socialism doesn't work, but there are still some who cling to the idea socialism does work and we are all just brainwashed masses who buy into the capitalist propaganda. Off course this is nonsense since I cannot think of one place where socialism actually did work. Helping the poor is a noble goal, but having a strong economy and low unemployment rates is ultimately the best weapon to helping the poor since fewer people will need social assistance and for the few unfortunate enough to not find a job, there will be enough money to assist them

Anonymous said...

nicely said Gerry, and while now that Buzz and the CAW are saying bye-bye to the NDP, can vote-rich Ontario have only two choices in their future? The NDP(and the Star's best friends) are perhaps seeing their ship going down too.