Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Brison Blunders

Former Liberal cabinet Minister Scott Brison’s continues on his Kamikaze career course.

Brison, who last year had to issue a groveling apology to the National Citizens Coalition for smearing us, and who once told a Liberal camapign worker to "kiss my a**" during a dispute in a public restaurant, is now, according to the Globe and Mail, under RCMP investigation in connection with the income trust scandal.

The Globe story alleges Brison sent an email to a Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce employee the day before Ottawa announced its policy on income trusts telling the recipient he would likely be pleased with the decision.

Brison, of course, is considered a front-runner in the upcoming Liberal leadership race.

And if that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about the state of the Liberal Party nothing will.


Anonymous said...

Thankfully he is now a Liberal .
And that will get him a " do not go to Jail " pass from our dumb media.
What a joke !
He is sorry !
It was the fault of his Canadian made Blackberry ...it tricked him into sending an inappropriate message .
Brison is a failure as an MP , a man , and a person !
You will NOT find his picture in the dictionary beside the word " INTEGRITY "
Who knows ...he could be the next leader of the Liberal Party ...a winner in a run off with dear Belinda .
These two can even make Jean Chretien almost palatable !
blessings From Virgil Ontario.

Anonymous said...

Brison beginning to sound like Svend?

Brison quoted in the G&M today: "This was clearly not an issue of integrity. It was a momentary lapse of judgment in a nine-year political career that I think has been one of generally good decision-making."