Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Fundraising Feudal Style

British Prime Minister Tony Blair is under investigation for allegedly selling seats in the House of Lords for secret loans to his Labour Party.

Don’t know if Blair is guilty or not, but just imagine how the Liberals here in Canada would have taken advantage of such a system.

Liberal bagmen would no doubt have handed out peerages like candy to their rich corporate buddies.

Of course, the rank would depend on the contribution with a scale like this:

Duke -- $10,000 contribution.

Viscount - $5,000 contribution

Earl - $2,000 contribution

Baron - $1,000 contribution

Knight - $500 contribution

In fact, this is such a lucrative concept the Liberals may just decide to make Canada a feudal system should they take power again.

But first they need to persuade us peasants to vote them in again.

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