Friday, March 31, 2006

Coalition Fights for Democracy

Now that Canada’s foreign policy seems to be grabbing bigger headlines these days, it might be useful to check out a group called Canadian Coalition for Democracies.

The CCD is a non-partisan, multi-ethnic, multi-denominational organization of concerned Canadians dedicated to the protection and promotion of democracy at home and abroad.

And the main goal of CCD is to influence the Canadian political process and public opinion to achieve a more pro-democracy foreign policy.

That means urging Canada to support its democratic allies: such as the United States, Israel, India and Taiwan.

In this day and age, the forces of democracy need all the help they can get.


Monkey Loves to Fight said...

I believe in siding with other democracies when threatened by dictatorships, but not in attacking dictatorships pre-emptively for economic gain. Certainly I am very pro-Israel and I am glad our new government is more pro-Israel. I also hope that pro-Israeli Liberal MPs like Anita Neville, Irwin Cotler, Susan Kadis, Joe Volpe, and Carolyn Bennett push the new leader to maintain a pro-Isreali stance.

With Taiwan, thats a tough one, so no other nation including the US recognizes Taiwan. Also China is an emerging economic power that we shouldn't go out of our way to antagonize.

As for the United States, I would rather we establish stronger ties with democracies in Western Europe whose values are closer to ours. The United States should obviously be supported when attacked by a dictatorship, but I find their foreign policy is based more on pre-emptive wars for economic gain rather than promoting democracy. In addition, civil liberties and individual rights have eroded greatly under Bush. If anything the US is moving in the direction of a dictatorship rather than a freer society.

The Tiger said...

At least there's finally a government that supports a pro-democracy foreign policy...